Ghost Shadow: Unfinished Sins

Ghost Shadow: Unfinished Sins is now available for purchase at The Dark Matter Press e-store and at,, and other quality online booksellers. It’s also available at Canadian and American brick-and-mortar book stores, including Barnes and Noble, Chapters and Indigo.

I finished your book! That’s QUITE a story ! What a plot. Great characters. WOW!
                                        – reader review of
                                           Ghost Shadow: Unfinished Sins

Intriguing and suspenseful,the plot winds around the reader as a rope coils like a noose…it left me hanging until I could get back to my room and pick up where I left off.
                                        – reader review of
                                           Ghost Shadow: Unfinished Sins

Watch author Bob MacKenzie’s interview about his new psychological thriller Ghost Shadow: Unfinished Sins with Melissa Duggan of CKWS Television.

You can read preview scenes from Ghost Shadow: Unfinished Sins. Click here for preview.

See Bob MacKenzie reading select scenes from Ghost Shadow: Unfinished Sins at YouTube backed by Canadian musician and recording artist Jon McLurg.

The Official Kingston Launch for “Ghost Shadow: Unfinished Sins” was held on October 12, 2010, at Novel Idea, corner of Princess and Bagot Streets, Kingston Ontario.

Ghost Shadow: Unfinished Sins, a Payge Turner Mystery

Taut new thriller in the tradition of Raymond Chandler, Graham Greene, and Elmore Leonard.

     In mid-Eighties Windsor, Vietnamese gangs and Chinese organized crime meet head on in violent turf war as they go after a University of Windsor anthropology professor and $2,000,000 in ancient treasure he stole from China. Meanwhile, a brutal serial rapist and killer terrorizes the city.
     Three psychologically damaged women – the professor’s wife, his 17 year old daughter, and a private detective – are drawn into this world of brutal psychological terror, raw physical and emotional violence, and international crime and intrigue. Can they survive?
     Working on several levels, this powerful psychological crime thriller is also the story of how these three women cope with and ultimately survive their personal journey into hell.